GECR2.gif image by tucmuc

i got here in 2007 with mining engineering branch with an aieee rank 13623. i always knew what an nit meant for me being from bihar. expectations were always there and needed to be simulated with the academic environment of the college.

life in first year was something unforgettable.always got the right people as friend and that too in the very first attempt.

party knew no bounds” and life swinged swiftly through first year before i actually realised i was in second year. for some well known reason i had to drop mining and switch on to metallurgical engineering branch. guys here were affable and nice. they were always ready men for gg so was i. although masti was always there “competition knew no bounds” when it came to cgpa. i was left the choice of struggling or getting your “ass in eaf“.very natual i opted to struggle and amidst all the complacence i always knew the gap between my actual place and my current place. in future too i pledge to part the gap with my potential bridge………


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