i started my acads life from a school nearby my home named “shah academy“. i studied upto class 3rd there and switched to “patna central school” where from i did my matriculation. upto class 6th i was pretty average kinda guy in my class. in 7th class my rank in the class dramatically jumped to the second position in a batch of 60 students. a little credit goes to me as i was given an opportunity to reorient myself  by my class teacher : upadhyaya sir.

this is exactly when i started realising how it felt to be there in the top notch and i never took a look back.

some of my teachers i would always be proud to be associated with are: sivesh ranjan, upadhyaya etc.

i befriended many guys and girls in school. ujjwal kumar who wore a fatso look exactly as i now am was my best friend.some others were : adil hayat, vijay,faiz,shubham, mukesh kr pal etc. some cute and nice girls i adored were: neha chandra, richa srivastava,sonal verma, supriya rani,akshaya verma, rajni etc.

hey guys and gals i still miss you like hell because you were associated with me during the beautiful days of life.


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